Do I need to register?

No. You can just check out as Guest.

What payment choice do I have?

We use Paypal getway as our payment method. The PayPal site is highly secure. It uses industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep your information safe.

I have no Paypal account, can I still buy it?

Yes, you don't need to have a Paypal account during checkout. In fact, you can pay by debit card or credit card. We have a How-to guide for you.


what happen after purchase?

as soon as you have completed payment, you will recevie an email and be given a link to download the software. The link is available immediately, and also available in your "My account" page on the online shop.

what will I get in this purchase?

you should receive the following e-mails:

  • Subject: Welcome! - which contains account details if you have set up an account during checkout
  • Subject: Order Confirmation - order details
  • Subject: Payment accepted - which contains your order reference (For example: QIIXJXNUI or QIIXJXNUI#1)
  • Subject: Virtual product to download - which contains a direct link, click to download your product.

I can not find any mail in my inbox after the purchase / how do I find my spreadsheets?

Please check your Junk box, sometimes it can be mistreated as it contains a zip link. 

If you still can not find the email which contains the link, answer this question:

Have you registered an account during the checkout?

-If the answer is YES - please log in your My account page with your email address and password, you should be able to see the link within the "order history"

-If the answer is NO - please use Guest Tracking page with your order reference and email address

still having problem?  contact us