"Hello Barry. My name is Chris from Conwy, N.Wales. I bought the Used Car Dealer Accounts Spreadsheet from you a few months ago. I just want you to know how fantastic & easy it is to use, even for me with limited computer skills. Also, i have just had a VAT inspection & the VAT Man thought it was brilliant & simple & was really happy with it. Consequently, i passed the inspection with flying colours! Regards, Chris"

Jon Langton - Langton Motor Company

Found the used car dealer spreadsheets really easy to use and the service received was excellent"


Excellent Software wish i had found it sooner. regards paul

.. i was through illness, a long way behind with my paperwork. The further i got behind..... the more depressed i became. You see i used to keep all my records up to date manually, in my own handwriting. The working out of a VAT return took hours & days, & i was months behind! However, i purchased your Accounts Spreadsheets & found were ideal for my small Business & enabled me to save on WEEKS of work in order to catch up. Im now right upto date & recently passed a VAT inspection with flying colours with no mistakes in the workings out due to the 100% accuracy of your Spreadsheets. The VAT person agreed the Spreadsheets were an excellent Accounts Package for me & he even visited your site to look at the other Spreadsheets available to other small Business. His idea was if someone was struggling with their VAT then he may recommend one of your Accounts Spreadsheets after seeing how mine worked so well & with 100% accuracy."


"Very pleased with the product, it does exactly what it says in the description"

"...the software saves hous & days!....It's enabled me to catch up on some accounts ... very quickly"

"I have recently purchased the Motortrade Bookkeeping program from your website. Firstly let me say, you guys are genius!! Made my life much easier..."